Decorate on a dime

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A growing number of individuals are learning ways to decorate their home in great exciting ways while still remaining within their budgets. Decorating on a dime is not as hard as you may think provided you follow a few simple rules.

The first thing you will need to do is set your budget. You can’t just go out and begin searching for decoration and expect to remain on a budget if you don’t even know what your limitations are. So set a budget and stick to it. The next rule is to not store at the most expensive shop in town. Take some time and shop around, you might be surprised at the choices you may find at discount stores and consignment stores. Compare prices and make a decision.

Don’t try to over-decorate. This is a major mistake that lots of individuals make. They have a tendency to want to fill every inch of their home with some type of decor. Your rooms will look better and you will spend less money when you only buy and decorate with what you need rather than what you want. Sometimes only a new paint job with a brand new a bright color or Raccoon Sounds will make a major difference.

More budget decorating tips include using plants to enhance your existing decor. Plants have a way of brightening up the home and creating a relaxing atmosphere. Add decorative mirrors to create spaces look larger than they really are and rearrange your furniture to make more space and remove clutter. This will give your rooms a completely different look and feel. Use your imagination and have fun!

Get to know eachother

Rush, rush, rush! That is exactly what we all seem to do these days. We are always rushing and worrying about getting stuff done.

Regrettably, in the rush to succeed, sometimes other men and women become things or inanimate objects to us, rather than the wondrous, inspiring, and fascinating human stories that they truly are. We’re really missing out on the good things in life once we don’t allow ourselves to fully understand people.

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Let’s take a moment to take into account the people in our own life. Let’s pause and spend the next moment wisely by thinking about our family, our friends, our classmates, our co-workers, our teammates, and anybody else we come into contact with on a daily basis. How well do we really know all these interesting people? Is our knowledge of them only a surface understanding, or do we really deeply know all these people? Do we know what makes them tick? Do we know their favourite foods or favorite places to go? Just how much do we actually know about their favourite pastime, or hobby? You see, all of us think we know the people in our lives, but do we really?

Many of us are so caught up in our own story of success and/or achievement that we rarely ever get an opportunity to dive deeply into someone else’s story. But, however, we should take some time to dive deeply into someone else’s life as it’s well worth the time and effort. In addition, there are so many fascinating stories out there that we are missing. Let’s try not to miss any more of these.

Now adolescents, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Let’s make sure that we slow down a little bit, pay attention, and get to deeply understand other people because it truly is worth it. And once more, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

Be kind to eachother

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If you are the individual who is weighing the option of purchasing or renting a home, you need to think about a few factors. Your financial situation has to be assessed for your long-term preparation and that it’s not that simple as well.

Understanding your house budget and expenses

It is sensible to review your household budget compared to the expenses before beginning looking for a new house. You need to discover how much can you afford to pay for accommodation without placing a burden on the budget.

You simply can’t go for rent or mortgage payments if you are unable to pay them in time. Several factors are involved both for renting or purchasing that should be considered before making a decision.

What are the requirements while renting or buying a house?

Your credit history and credit score are crucial and they will be looked upon from the rental agency or the landlords for the mortgage or lease. You’ll be checked whether you are can pay the bills on time and aren’t overdue with the loans or the credit card balances. You have to check your score and credit history before applying for the flat or the mortgage.

Other factors that are important include your strong employment history, W-2 forms and current bank statements that have to depict a fantastic picture. A few rental agencies require professional or personal references as well as background check and contact info from the previous landlord respectively.

When is renting a viable option?

If you have uncertain employment: Based on Evelyn Zohlen (financial planner), if you’re uncertain about your living paycheck and job situation, it’s best to save money for the future living expenses. This will help you to build an emergency fund for you as well.

Limited funds: Leasing is the better alternative if you do not have sufficient money for making the deposit or for handling the additional costs of owning the house.

Short time frame: If you’ve got an assignment which lasts two decades or you plan to move abroad in a couple of years, then renting a home is a better option.

When is purchasing a house a feasible alternative?

Purchasing a house only makes sense when you have the ability to cover the extra costs for owning a house. It is crucial that you pay the closing costs and the down payment before you buy a house. It’s seen that many banks receive a 20 percent down payment. This implies for a home that costs 250,000 dollars, at 20 percent the down payment will be 50,000 dollars. So, the complete amount includes percent in commission and another one percent in closing cost as well.

But if you have much debt, you should not put your savings for the down payment at all. It’ll be better to pay off the entire debt first until you get a much better financial position for yourself. If there is not any debt, then you want to work out the buying or renting options in detail.

While there have always been a minority of people in the United States, with extremist views, in most cases, the tone of public discourse, has been, at least, somewhat, civil! Today, we appear, to be experiencing, a tone, in which America seems to be polarized, rather than attempting, to find, some sort of middle – ground, for the common good! Wouldn’t we be better served, if we would listen, to the tune, What The World Needs Now, Is LOVE? With that in mind, this guide will briefly analyze, review, and consider, using the mnemonic strategy, what this means and signifies, and why we need, this opinion, so strongly, today.

1. Listen; learn; leadership; lessons: Our main political leader, President Donald Trump, has politicized, these gaps, either due to his personal views, or, for political gain! Mr. Trump, rather than highlighting and focusing on effectively listening, and learning from each conversation, and experience, has focused on his obvious, core fans!

2. Open – minded; alternatives; opportunities: We would all be better served, if everybody would proceed with an open – mind, as opposed to thinking he had all the answers, or for political or personal gain! Think about the alternatives and options, and select for the finest, potential, opportunities, for the common good!

3. Instead, we need leadership, which is visionary, enough, to respect the freedoms and liberties, which makes us great! True American values, should guide us, towards averting categorizing others, and maintaining the right to disagree, I may disagree with you, but will fight for your rights, to keep your opinions!


Wake up, America, and demand your political representatives, proceed, with respect, for our freedoms and liberties!

Is buying or renting better?

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If you’re the individual who’s weighing the option of buying or renting a home, you need to consider a few factors. Your financial situation needs to be assessed for your long-term planning and that it’s not that simple as well.

Recognizing your house budget and expenses

It’s wise to review your household budget in comparison to the expenses before you begin looking for a new house. You have to discover how much can you afford to pay for lodging without placing a burden on the budget.

You simply can’t go for rent or mortgage payments if you are unable to pay them on time. Several factors are involved both for leasing or buying that should be considered before making a decision.

What are the requirements while renting or buying a house?

Your credit history and credit rating are crucial and they’ll be looked upon by the rental agency or the landlords for the mortgage or lease. You have to check your score and credit history prior to applying for the flat or the mortgage.

When is renting a viable choice?

This can enable you to create an emergency fund for you also.

Limited funds: Leasing is the better alternative when you do not have enough money for making the deposit or for managing the additional costs of owning the house.

Short time period: If you have an assignment that lasts two decades or you intend to move abroad in a couple of years, then renting a house is a better option.

When is purchasing a house a feasible alternative?

It’s crucial that you pay the closing costs and the down payment before purchasing a house. It is seen that many banks receive a 20 percent down payment. This implies for a house that costs 250,000 dollars, at 20 percent the deposit will be 50,000 dollars. So, the complete amount includes percent in commission and another one percent in closing cost as well.

But if you’ve got much debt, you shouldn’t set your savings for the down payment at all. It will be better to repay the whole debt until you get a better financial position for yourself. If there is no debt, then you want to work out the buying or leasing options in detail.

Read a book

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There are so many books all around the world, covering different subjects. There are fiction and the non-fiction sorts of books that suit different age groups. Reading is very important, even though many people do not seem to realize it.

In today’s society, it’s essential to be educated and learn as much as possible about different topics.

It’s fundamental to the functioning of the society now

There are so many men and women that are unable to read so as to understand the instructions that are indicated on different things like medicine. This can be frightening to many since it is such an important function. When you can’t read, then you may be unable to handle applications without some help. There are the warning and road signs that can be tricky to understand if you can’t read.

If you would like to find a fantastic job, then reading is crucial. There are jobs that require one to read to be able to perform. Memos, reports, etc have to be read, understood and then given a response. When you read widely, you become more educated and thus you may end up impressing the panel with what you know.

Develops the brain

When you read, then you’re basically developing your own mind. The mind has to be exercised. When you read and understand, then the ability of your mind automatically grows. When children are taught and encouraged to read broadly, then it enhances their language skills. They get better at listening and focusing. This then mold a person to be better.

Discovering new items

This is the easiest way in which you may find things you had no idea about. EBooks magazines, and a variety of books are great tools which can be used to discover things. It’s very easy to educate yourself regarding different issues and topics. In this age, there is so much information that is available out there. The only way which you can use this information is by actually reading it.

Developing one’s creativity

When you read, then your creativity develops in the process. This is something that doesn’t require much thinking. You can go on adventures, take on a personality, and so many other things that would have been unknown to you.


Reading makes you more creative. When you’re reading something such as a novel, you continue thinking about how things will go in the end. You create your own storyline and regardless of whether the writer thinks like you or not, each twist makes everything so much better. When you read, your self-image improves incredibly. These are some of the things that warrant a lot of reading at all times.

Road less traveled

Road Less Traveled, Winter Scene, Snow“The road less traveled,” what exactly does that mean? It is not literally a road, but a direction in which one has chosen to travel. It is a choice. It is a notion about how one chooses to live his/her life. Thousands of smaller choices support the principal choice or purpose of a person’s life. Many of the choices are made at a subconscious level, never-the-less the choices are internal; each choice taking the soul further along its chosen path or diverting into a new adventure or unscheduled stopover along the way.

It is these extended experiences that permit you to recognize that you are on course or not, because you evaluate your life from a stage of relationship. For example if you realize that you have run of the road into the ditch, you notice that you are not on the road moving in your intended direction.

You may be headed to the East coast from the West, and how long it takes you is determined mostly by how many times you have turned north or south. The road less travelled is less or more composed of those side trips. The journey from East to West never ends and you eventually encounter the starting point.

Your trip can last as much as a single heartbeat or extended over several lifetimes. Previous choices need not be re-experienced in any other lifetime in order to achieve enlightenment. It’s the natural order of all that’s to move forward. The knowledge doesn’t die with the person but becomes common knowledge in the collective. Our choices become evident in our lifetime during the physical objects that we bring and bring into our lives.

We create the road less travelled through choice. By accessing the knowledge that is ours through previous lifetimes, we can enrich our lives in this time period. The road less travelled is yours distinctively. Nobody else can experience it in exactly the same way; your life can never be replicated, only replicated. Your life makes for good copy, with all of its side trips and tourist traps that were chosen in a lifetime. Others will want to follow and have the same experiences. None will be able to achieve what you’ve done.

The road less travelled is the life’s experiences, it is what you are doing here, it is not a place you go to, it’s what you’re creating. The journey is in fact a road that no one else can travel. Don’t hunt, the road less travelled, create it.

Have fun at Disney!

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Resist the urge to see everything at breakneck speed, and take time to enjoy the numerous amenities offered at your resort. You can not possibly see everything, so consider this as your first trip to Disney not your last. There will be time for you to pick up what you missed on another go-round.

Decide your priorities before your holiday begins and plan out each day beforehand.

• Get to the parks early!

• Plan for a break in the middle of the day particularly if you have children in the parks are open late. Stay at one of the Magic Kingdom or Epcot resorts, allowing a simple return to your resort in the middle of the day for a rest or a dip in the pool.

• Call or go online exactly 180 days ahead at 7:00 a.m. Orlando time (Eastern time) for dining reservations if a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom is tops on your list. You may get away with sleeping in and booking a bit later but just when traveling through extremely slow seasons.

• Come prepared for an afternoon shower during the rainy summer months even if the sky looks perfectly clear in the morning. Rent a locker to store your rain gear, circling back if skies start to look threatening. If you’re caught unprepared just about every store in the parks sells inexpensive rain ponchos.

• Arrive at the water parks at opening time if a lounge chair is a priority, or, better yet, pre-reserve among the private cabanas or premium beach seat area.

• Use Disney’s FastPass+® alternative which allows up to 3 FastPass+ attractions daily to be pre-reserved 60 days prior to arrival.

• Make Advance Dining Reservations, especially in the busier times of year (see the Dining In Style at Walt Disney World Resort chapter for a more detailed explanation), to save hours of waiting and frustration.

• Allow plenty of time to reach the theme parks every morning. It’s easy to miss your breakfast bookings when enough time hasn’t been allocated.

• Be spontaneous. If something catches your eye, even if it is not on your daily list of things to do, be prepared to stop and explore or you will miss something wonderful.

• Be attuned to the constraints of your children. If they are tired take a break; when their feet hurt get them a stroller (forget that they outgrew one years ago); if a ride looks scary to them don’t force the issue. It’ll make your day and the day of other park visitors much less stressful.

Even better, bring several pairs and rotate them. Nothing is worse than getting blisters on your first day and then having to nurse them for the remainder of your vacation.

Grammar is important

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Most of us have our pet peeves, don’t we?

In an annoying society there are tons of irritating habits which make your skin crawl and your patience evaporate. It just depends upon your tolerance level.

But there is something recently that grinds me more than all the body noises.

Bad Grammar.

Perhaps it’s because I am a writer/proofreader/editor it disturbs me a bit more than you. But I can not help but wonder what ever happened to teaching correct grammar — spelling and talking.

With auto-correct and word anticipation on every computer on Earth, you would think the correct words would only appear. But even auto-correct can’t help with the wrong option of words.Auto-correct can’t help those who guess at the wrong term or the wrong version of a word.

Grammar is not rocket science. It is common sense. Something that a lot of people lack.

In my hurry to get something written, at work and at home, I’ve chosen the wrong form/spelling/tense. Almost always I catch my errors in proofreading. However, I’ve come across some people — professional people — that always misspell, misrepresent, and really mangle the English language. And often these are higher-ups — educated people with degrees — that should know better.

I know I sound like an old woman, but at least I’m a grammatically correct old lady. They are not teaching cursive in schools nowadays, but talking and writing well is as important as it’s ever been.I hear a lot of lazy English nowadays — hip language, slurred consonants, half-words. In some circles that may mean cash — a recording career, stand up comedy. But out of that rarefied air it will not get you far. You need to learn how to spell. You will need to learn your syntax.

I know English is one of the most confusing languages around. I mean, how many ways can you spell Where? Wear? Ware? But in the modern world that is not an excuse. When I see a professional letter begin “Goof Morning,” I have issues. It is one thing to text “you are my breast friend” instead of “you’re my best friend,” but not in an interoffice memo.

Not everyone is a writing scholar. I know I’m not. However, I’ve practiced. I’ve learned. Don’t rely on spell check to catch your mistakes. As soon as you learn your weaknesses, create an avid effort NOT TO DO IT AGAIN. Don’t let idle English get in the way of your moving ahead in your life.

how to start house flipping

Make your fortune in real estate. It isn’t so hard once you get the hang of it. Real estate flipping may be a really high paying career, but I see way too many people give up on it. The turnover in this industry is exceptionally large. I noticed that the high turnover early on and have observed to learn why some people kill it while others vanish. This has been important to track to help myself and my clients continue in this amazing business.

I have been in the real estate field for the last 16 years and my hard money lending company finances around 150 deals per year.

Mindset: This is where it all begins. For the last 3 decades, I’ve felt myself fall into a small lull and have recognized that this occurred because of my mindset. Your mindset could be a lot of things, but the fundamental idea is that what you believe will happen… does. Sometimes only convincing your mind you will hit a target takes work. Not to mention the work that it takes to really hit that goal.

Focusing your mind on positivity is a superb start, but you really must think you deserve the success you desire. Meditation and affirmations are fantastic ways to achieve this.

Hustle: Nothing will be offered to you. When I was going through my struggles to hit some financial goals, I had to keep reminding myself of this. Times can get hard and things can feel unfair, but the reality is, no matter how much you don’t need to believe it, you are the only one responsible for your own success. I’d tell myself this over and over. “If I need it, I need to make it” I had to get up in the morning. I had to deal with the problem on my plate. I had to stay up late or work on the weekend. Because I decided to be prosperous, I decided to work hard.

Network: As we’ve learned. It is not what you know, it is who you know. I constantly try to group up with people smarter than me, that can both help me understand and help me get results. This has resulted in millions in profits. I also feel very lucky to have a network that can solve nearly any problem I encounter. If I’m rehabbing a house and run into a issue, I have a list of people I will call for help. If they don’t know how to help they will know somebody who does. I lean on my lawyers, my CPA, partners, wholesalers, and other professionals on a regular basis.

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As you learn and implement ideas into your business, your company grows at a faster and faster pace. Obviously, for this to work you will have to learn AND implement. Many people learn about investing and never invest. That comes down to the investor mindset. That is why, I believe, you want all five of these crucial keys to be a excellent fix and flipper. The fantastic thing is that this is possible for everybody, including you.

Access to Cash: So, this one might be self-servicing because I am a lender, and this has the potential to fall within the Network class but let’s face it, if you do not have money you don’t do deals. Money can come from a number of sources including cash you’ve got in the bank, cash you borrower from associations, partners, private and hard money loans. Many times, you’ll need a combination of these sources to get a deal done or to maximize gains. This can all be learned as part of your education or you can opt to work with a professional that can advise you on the best way to navigate this complex subject.

wanting what you don’t need

Crazy, isn’t it, that we buy or consume that which we don’t really need?

I have often wondered how is it possible that just moments after I have said to myself, “NO, Joan, you do not need that!” There I’d be buying it and bringing it home!

I’m pretty sure I was totally clear.

What is with that?

What is it that’s us wanting stuff that’s truly not great for us, holds no real purpose, and goes against the very thing we don’t need? Maybe even harms our financial objectives.

That’s a question I have asked many times over the years as I advised folks on money behaviour. They would make a terrific strategy to follow, absolutely clear on what they were going to do. However, by their next appointment, only a couple weeks apart, they would have done precisely the opposite of what they planned.

Why did they sabotage the many dedicated and clear goals and plans that they made?

And, yet, there they sat with the results. Not to mention, together with an unplanned purchase, came a flurry of other purchases they did not need.

Costly items that they had not even planned to buy.

Was it simply the act of producing a plan? Did the plan feel like limit or deprivation?

Or, was it something else?

Good question. A question where there are many answers. However, for now, let us focus on the two sabotages I see most often when we do the contrary of what we planned to perform.

Let us use the example of making a PLAN. Whether that’s a written monetary plan or an affirmation you made on your own, let us look at what happens when we do this.

First, we do not really believe it. The main reason is that most often when we make a plan, goal, or affirmation, we tend to choose things we believe we SHOULD do or not do — the behaviours we would like to change that we aren’t delighted with — and hang our hats on those. And, although we really want to change things up, we do not truly believe it. Yet…

We insist we could do it. Whether to spend less, save more, or not eat that food that is banned, we set our sites on attaining this change. Despite the fact that, as stated above, we do not truly believe we could. But then…

A previously unknown or unrecognized desire surges forth. Or, your best friend got one. Or, you saw a great promotion on tv about it.

NOW you have to have it. You convince yourself you want it. Even though it totally sabotages your plan.

You say to yourself, “Who knew I would want that when I left my plan? I work hard for my money, certainly I deserve it.”

So, you ignore your strategy and you buy it anyway. You throw out the best laid plan or affirmation and just do it. You convince yourself that you can’t live without it. And, the excuses and reasons pour forth.

But then, comes the second sabotage…

As soon as you’ve bought a brand new thing (yes, that buy you had no idea you needed), suddenly everything else looks shabby or forlorn in comparison.

Woman Holding Card While Operating Silver Laptop

The new deck furniture now needs new cushions, a trendy outdoor rug to set it all off and an awning for shade.

These reactive purchases, the desire to buy new items to match what you just bought, is known as the “Diderot Effect.” Life’s natural tendency to fill up with more. The natural tendency to accumulate, add, update, or build upon what you just bought.

How do we overcome both of these aspects which sabotage the best of intentions, plans, or goals?

There are numerous ways to overcome these sabotages, like reducing your exposure to what pushes your buttons, possibly a 30 day period (or longer) without purchasing anything new, or when you buy one, you get rid of one.

Take your choice, mix it up.

Just bear in mind that this very simple fact — “… wanting is just an alternative your mind provides, not an order you have to follow.”

That’s right. Just because it pops up as something you unexpectedly WANT, it is only an option you do not have to follow.

Oh, and incidentally, this doesn’t just apply to your currency behavior. Keep your eyes and awareness open to how it shows up in different behaviors like your diet!